Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Writing to no-one feels a bit strange

First of all, may I say, I have absolutely no idea how to use blogspot and I was born in the wrong generation, as I repel all forms of technology. If I can create any form of motivation instead of procrastination, then maybe sporadically I will post on here. I have become obsessed with the idea that one day I would like to be a journalist, therefore everyone I have spoken to has told me to start a blog. I hope it ends up being successful and not too cringey, as most things I do are the latter. My plan is to ambush celebrities, bands and any other well-known people, with emails and tweets to get the occassional interview, I'm praying that this plan will work. If all else fails then do not fear - I won't resort to writing about my painful teenage life, I'll write some reviews and this will become a portfolio in a way, so that I can refer to it over the next few stressful years of college and university applications. If you've made it to the end of this dull and self-absorbed paragraph then I congratulate you.